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Commercial Vehicles

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Crosslinkers & catalysts for high performance automotive coatings

  • Broad Amino Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Optimize Coating Cure Profile
  • Enhance Coating Functionality

Our industry leading portfolio of CYMEL®, SETAMINE® and ETERMINO® amino crosslinkers and CYCAT® catalysts provides customers a range of high performance resins that they can use to optimize coating processing characteristics and in-use performance including coating durability, flexibility and appearance. Our diverse portfolio includes butylated, methylated and mixed ether melamine amino resins that can be used in both topcoat and base coat applications.

Plastics at the performance of metal with UV coatings

  • chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Fast curing/dual cure
  • Flexibility for thermoforming/IMD

More and more, plastics are replacing metal in automotive interiors. At allnex, we have the largest portfolio of UV/EB (EBECRYL®), waterborne UV (UCECOAT®) and dual cure resins for protective coatings, functional coatings, in-mold decoration (IMD) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) for automotive interior applications. Our resins allow OEM and their suppliers to meet the tough requirements in terms of in-use performance, productivity, sustainability and versatility of the plastic parts.

Efficiency in a waterborne monocoat

  • Layer reduction
  • Excellent appearance
  • Waterbased

The application of waterborne monocoats substantially reduces solvent emissions in the coating process. Monocoats based on water reducible resins within our MACRYNAL® and SETAQUA® product range may be applied directly on the electrocoat layer, providing a very efficient and cost effective coating process without having to make sacrifices in important properties like appearance, chemical resistance and exterior durability.

Why use a chlorinated polyolefin (CPO) layer?

  • Layer reduction
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Increased efficiency

The use of plastic substrates in bumpers and body panels in cars and commercial vehicles continues to grow in parallel with the neverending demand for increased fuel efficiency. Often, multiple plastics are used on a single vehicle, and coating various different substrates with a single coating is a huge challenge. Some plastics, especially polypropylene, require a flame treatment or a special CPO based primer. Our allnex CPO-modified acrylics allow you to apply a topcoat directly to untreated plastics eliminating a primer layer or a flame treatment application step, thereby reducing coating layer system costs and increasing paint line efficiency.

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allnex product highlights

Commercial Vehicles

Layer Technology Product Benefits
Topcoat - exterior coating Acrylic emulsion VIACRYL® SC 6807W/43WA High gloss, non-yellowing, excellent leveling.
Topcoat - exterior coating Acrylic emulsion SETAQUA® 6160 High gloss, excellent chemical resistance and durability, excellent leveling.
Topcoat - exterior coating CPO-modified acrylic polyol SETALUX® XCS 1516 TS-45

Good adhesion on many plastics, even untreated polypropylene.



Additives for your coating formulations
Chemistry/Functionality Technology Product Benefits
Additives Flow & leveling MODAFLOW® 9200 Best-in-class crosslinkable acrylic leveling additive for solventborne 1K and 2K base and top coats. Excellent outdoor and chemical durability.
Additives Flow & leveling ADDITOL® XW 395 Wet through those difficult to adhere to substrates and realize superior leveling with this silicone free flow and leveling additive in all waterborne applications.
Additives Dispersing ADDITOL® XL 6577  Newly developed additive designed for highly efficient dispersion of TiO2 and other inorganic pigments in solventborne systems.  Developed to be the most efficient product in the market when used to develop VOC sensitive coatings.   
Additives Dispersing ADDITOL® XW 6588 Best in class dispersant for waterbased systems providing excellent corrosion resistance.
Additives Foam control ADDITOL® VXW 6386 Special low particle size wax / mineral oil defoamer for better transparency.


Crosslinkers for your coating formulations
Chemistry/Functionality Technology Product Benefits
Aminos Melamine - buylated CYMEL® 1158 Partially butylated melamine resin used for fast cure response and low formaldehyde release.
Aminos Melamine - buylated SETAMINE® US 138 Very good compatibility, high reactivity with low viscosity, excellent sprayability, good petrol and acid resistance, high gloss.
Aminos Melamine - buylated SETAMINE® US 146 Used in combination with acrylics; excellent appearance, gloss, water resistance; high reactivity with good acid resistance and mechanical properties.
Aminos Melamine - methylated CYMEL® 202 High imino melamine low MW and provides balance of reactivity, film flexibility properties and humidity resistance.
Aminos Melamine - methylated CYMEL® 327 High imino resin for fast cure response; good stability; does not require acid catalyst, low formaldehyde release.
Aminos Melamine - methylated CYMEL® 1168 High solid mixed ether melamine, methylated-isobutylated version of CYMEL® 1133 with excellent intercoat adhesion.
Catalysts Strong acid catalyst CYCAT® 600 Recommended for high solids formulations with hydrocarbon solubility.
Catalysts Strong acid catalyst CYCAT® 600A Recommended for high solids formulations with hydrocarbon solubility.
Catalysts Strong acid catalyst CYCAT® 4040 Strong alkyl benzene sulfonic acid catalyst for highly alkylated melamine, benzoguanamine, glycoluril and urea resins.
Catalysts Weak acid catalyst CYCAT® 4045 Amine blocked alkyl benzene sulfonic acid catalyst for 1K systems formulated with amino resins.
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