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Stains & Varnishes

Decorative & Construction

High performance exterior deck stains

  • Hybrid technology alkyd acylic
  • Fast dry
  • Exterior durability

Water based semi-transparent stains for exterior wooden decking requires specific products developed to meet the challenges of the many timbers used: from treated softwoods to hardwoods and exterior environments. At allnex, we have a full range of products to meet your needs.

Replacing solvent based wood stains for DIY

  • High Bio-based content wood stains
  • Excellent penetration of wood
  • Long open time

Traditional solvent-based rubbing and brush applied stains for interior applications inlcuding wall panelling and DIY furniture can be replaced with water based solutions. At allnex, we have a variety of products available for this end use.

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allnex product highlights

Stains & Varnishes

Layer Technology Product Benefits
Exterior Multi-layer Acrylic modified RESYDROL® AZ 6710w/41WA Water-based semi-transparent wood stains for exterior wooden decking.
Interior & exterior stain layer direct to timber WB alkyd RESYDROL® VAL 5547w Water dilutable modified linseed oil based resin - VOC free with excellent penetration.


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits
Drier ADDITOL® DRY CF 100 / CF 200 The latest generation of cobalt-free paint driers that have been developed for universal usage, long-term storage stability and performance that is better than the cobalt-containing products it replaces.


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