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Domestic Appliances

Industrial Metal

Beautiful appearance with tough performance

  • Excellent flow
  • High glass transition temperature
  • Great chemical resistance

CRYLCOAT® 1627-0 has been specifically formulated to have excellent flow to ensure the right appearance. That, coupled with its high glass transition temperature, ensures your coatings will not only look good, but have the chemical resistance properties needed for the service environment that domestic appliances are exposed to.

Versatile solutions to tackle corrosion

  • Great corrosion performance
  • Outstanding UV stability

When extensive corrosion performance is needed, allnex can offer CED or WB-epoxy systems that will meet the challenge. These systems can be used as primers and offer such great appearance and UV-stability that they are excellent as a one-coat solution.

Crosslinkers & Catalysts for high performance metal coatings

  • Broad Amino Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Optimize Coating Cure Profile
  • Enhance Coating Functionality

At allnex, we offer an industry leading portfolio of CYMEL®, SETAMINE®, and ETERMINO® amino crosslinkers and CYCAT® catalysts for industrial coating applications.  This diverse portfolio includes butylated, methylated and mixed ether melamine resins offering a range of product compositions and coating cure characteristics.

Phenolics for high performance metal coatings

  • Broad Phenolics Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Water & Solvent-Based Resins
  • Enhance Flexibility & Chemical Resistance

allnex provides an industry leading portfolio of water and solvent-based PHENODUR® phenolic crosslinkers used in high performance general metal and packaging applications. This portfolio offers a range of compositions, binder compatabilities and cure characteristics and can be used to enable improved coating properties such as flexibility, heat resistance and chemical resistance.

Ultra-low free formaldehyde crosslinker for low temperature cure

  • Ultra-Low Free Formaldehyde Melamine
  • For ambient or low temp cure coatings
  • Alternative to isocyanate system

Our CYMEL© XW 3106 crosslinking resin is an ultra-low free formaldehyde melamine resin formulated specifically for 2k solvent-borne ambient cure or low bake systems in which low temperature cure (<100C) characteristics are desired. It is an alternative to isocyanate-based systems and is ideal for temperature sensitive substrates such as plastics,consumer electronics and low bake industrial metals.

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allnex product highlights

Domestic Appliances

Layer Technology Product Benefits
Primer Cathodic electrodeposition (CED) RESYDROL® EZ 6635wcat/35WA CED for industrial coatings with film thickness between 20-45um.
Monocoat/primer Cathodic electrodeposition (CED) RESYDROL® EZ 6645wcat/35WA CED for industrial coatings with low yellowing and color stability and excellent corrosion performance on zinc-phosphated steel. Very stable when combined with powder top-coats.
Monocoat Cathodic electrodeposition (CED) VIACRYL® VSC 6292w/38WA Excellent UV stability combined with good corrosion performance on treated steel. Good adhesion on aluminum.
Monocoat Hybrid 60:40 CRYLCOAT® 1620-0 Excellent flow and chemical resistance.
Monocoat Hybrid 60:40 CRYLCOAT® 1622-0 Outstanding flow.
Monocoat Hybrid 60:40 CRYLCOAT® 1627-0 Excellent flow and chemical resistance, high Tg.


Additives for your coating formulations


Technology Product Benefits

Flow & leveling

ADDITOL® XL 480 Highly efficient flow and leveling additive that has been developed to optimize film properties while limiting quality issues caused by film cratering.  
Flow & Leveling MODAFLOW® 9200 Best in class crosslinkable acrylic leveling additive for solventborne 1k and 2k base and top coats.  Excellent outdoor & chemical durability.
Foam control ADDITOL® XW 6567 FDA approved defoamer.
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