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Quick drying paints, shorter repair time

  • Great appearance
  • High durability

Quick drying paints and a shorter repair time will get trains back on track faster, and we know out-of-track repair days are very expensive. We offer solutions for all layers which will insure the fastest return to service possible with excellent appearance and high durability.

Get rid of unwanted art and maintain the OEM appearance

  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • High durability
  • Superior appearance

Trains are often targeted by graffiti artists which is not always appreciated by train owners, especially because of difficult cleaning procedures with aggressive cleaning agents. Our range of SETALUX®, MACRYNAL®, SETAL® and DUROFTAL® products will ensure that your customers can get rid of this unwanted art with minimal impact on their operation.

Green, high performance paints

  • Lower VOC
  • Anti-corrosion performance
  • Fast drying

Need environmentally friendly paints that perform like traditional high performance, easy to use solventborne? The latest regulations demand paints with lower VOC levels which are as good in terms of anti-corrosion performance and fast-drying. allnex waterborne and high solid product portfolio offers you resins to produce low VOC paints for all different layers.

When your topcoats need to stand out and outlast the competition

  • Excellent appearance
  • Superior durability
  • High film build

When excellent appearance is required, allnex is able to deliver high solid solventborne solutions which are suitable for the toughest conditions. We offer DTM solutions as well as topcoat/clear-coats with our SETALUX®, MACYRNAL®, SETAL® and DUROFTAL® ranges.

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allnex product highlights


Layer Technology Product Benefits
Clearcoat Waterborne acrylics MACRYNAL® VSM 2521W/42 WAB High quality WB 2K clearcoats with excellent chemical resistance.
Clearcoat Waterborne acrylics SETAQUA® 6511 Highly durable, abrasion and chemical resistance WB 2K coatings. High blister-free film thickness, good gloss and leveling.
Primers Waterborne epoxies BECKOPOX® EP 2384W/57WA Low VOC, WB fast drying primers. Good adhesion to metal. Multiple coats in one day.
Primers Waterborne epoxies BECKOPOX® EP 387w/52W Fast drying shear stable water reducible anti-corrosion primers. Good adhesion to metal and other substrates.
Primers Waterborne epoxy hardeners BECKOCURE® EH 2260/41WA WB hardener free of volatile amines. Application for fast drying, non-sagging primers and monocoats at room temperature. Good adhesion to poorly prepared surfaces.
Primer-surfacer/filler; Topcoat/clearcoat Waterborne acrylics MACRYNAL® SM 6826w/43WA Versatile fast-drying WB 2K. High blister-free film thickness and pigment loading possible. Good UV and chemical resistance.
Topcoat Waterborne acrylics MACRYNAL® SM 6817w/44WA Easy to apply, fast drying 2K WB topcoats with very good appearance.
Topcoat / clearcoat Solventborne acrylics SETALUX® 1915 BA-75 Low VOC coatings with high build and gloss, very fast drying at low spray viscosity. Good chemical resistance; outdoor durability. Good mechanical properties.
Topcoat / clearcoat Solventborne acrylics MACRYNAL® SM 2855/70 BAC Resistant to multiple cleaning cycles because of high chemical and solvent resistance. Low VOC coatings with high build and gloss. Very fast hardness increase upon curing.


Additives for your coating formulations
Chemistry/Functionality Technology Product Benefits
Additives Defoamer ADDITOL® 6393 Strong defoaming performance for waterborne formulations.
Additives Flow & leveling MODAFLOW® 9200 Best-in-class crosslinkable acrylic leveling additive for solventborne 1K and 2K base and topcoats. Excellent outdoor & chemical durability.
Additives Thickener ADDITOL® 6388 Excellent Rheological behavior without negative influence on anti-corrosion performance.
Additives Wetting and dispersing agent ADDITOL® 6208 Excellent wetting power withouth negative effect on anti-corrosion performance.
Additives Dispersing ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60 Best in class non ionic pigment dispersant for all pigment natures.
Additives Dispersing ADDITOL® XL 6583 Highly efficient dispersant used for improved alkaline resistance in solventborne systems.   Works particularly well with allnex's ACURE system.
Additives Flow & leveling MODAFLOW® 9200 Best in class crosslinkable acrylic leveling additive for solventborne 1k and 2k base and top coats.  Excellent outdoor & chemical durability.


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