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Joinery & Flatstock

Industrial Wood

Long lasting, beautiful surfaces

  • Outdoor durability
  • Fast curing, high throughput and productivity
  • High gloss, matte effects

Where the highest protection level is required and coating safeguards are needed for surfaces exposed to sunlight, moisture fluctuations or high humidity environments, our energy curable EBECRYL® and UCECOAT® resins deliver prolonged durability, preserving the beautiful surfaces longer and at a lower maintenance cost. Additionally, instant curing enables high coating lines speed and productivity.

Flexibility and durability for exterior joinery

  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Rheology control

Water-based joinery coating systems are applied at high wet film thickness for line productivity and to minimize the number of coats needed. To attain these targets, correct rheology is required to achieve the correct film build without sagging during fast drying. In addition, rapid film hardness & block resistance development is also essential. Finally, during the coating life cycle, high durability and maintenance of flexibility and dirt pick-up resistance are a must.

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allnex product highlights

Joinery & Flatstock

Application Technology Product Benefits
Exterior Joinery Waterborne acrylic SETAQUA® 6799 A SXL acrylic with excellent balance, blexibility, durability and DPUR for exterior joinery coatings, both clear and pigmented.
Exterior Aliphatic urethane acrylate EBECRYL® 4513 Flexible, improves elasticity in combination with hard resins, good balance of properties.
Exterior Aliphatic urethane acrylate EBECRYL® 4680 Hard oligomer, excellent weathering resistance.
Exterior Aliphatic urethane diacrylate EBECRYL® 4858 Low viscosity monomer-free oligomer with good hardcoat properties, excellent scratch and impact resistance, good weatherability and good forming behavior after cure.
Exterior WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7689 Outdoor resistance, good flexibility and chemical resistance.
Interior Aliphatic urethane acrylate EBECRYL® 5129/20 HD High reactivity, scratch, chemical and abrasion resistances.
Interior Epoxy acrylate EBECRYL® 600/35 OT Good pigment wetting.
Interior Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 180 Pigment wetting, low viscosity.
Interior Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 851 High (good) hardness and chemical resistance.
Interior Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 4381 Hard, reactive. For clear and pigmented primers and topcoats; improved in reativity, good adhesion and sandability.
Interior WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7655 High stain resistance, scratch and reactivity in white pigment and clear.
Interior WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7674 High adhesion and wetting on wood. Resoluble in water before UV cure.
Interior WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7700 Very high hardness and scratch resistance, high stain and blocking for high end furniture top, included pigmented chemical resistance.
Interior WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7788 Versatile resin with good stability and good balance of coating properties, wide compatibilities with resins and additives.
Interior WBUV-Urethane acrylic solution UCECOAT® 6558 High wood wetting adhesion and flexibility. Resoluble in water before UV cure.


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits
Foam control ADDITOL® XW 6569 An extremely efficient silicone defoamer with excellent recoatability making this defoamer a first choice for both paint manufacturing and application requirements.


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