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Keeping your ships on the water

  • fast return to surface
  • fast cure
  • proven performance

Cold temperatures lengthen return to service times and lead to unhappy shipyards and vessel owners.  Help your customers to optimize their ship yard productivity by using one of allnex's latest fast cure (FC) acrylic polyol technologies.

Keeping your ships in shipshape condition

  • Synergistic systems
  • outstanding performance
  • innovative developments

Your favorite ship yard is struggling with flammable goods storage and needs to consider shifting to waterborne layers.  At allnex, we have some of the fastest drying, proven, waterborne epoxy systems which are paired with specific additives to help disperse and passivate zinc which deliver oustanding corrosion resistance and paint stability. 

Bringing green options for your blue water ships

  • Waterborne systems
  • green solutions
  • global partner

Painting the interior of a ship can be dangerous when using traditional solventborne systems.  allnex has a comprehensive line of waterborne epoxy systems which help your customer reduce the potential hazards of using traditional solventborne systems in confined areas.

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allnex product highlights


Layer Technology Product Benefits
Primer / surfacer Solventborne alkyd SETAL® 142 XX-60 Very fast drying, good elasticity and yellowing resistance, good adhesion on steel.
Topcoat Solventborne acrylic SETALUX® FC 2018 BA-80 Fast drying and good chemical resistance, good adhesion.


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits
Flow & leveling MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique polymeric hybrid acrylic-silicone leveling additive, achieving highest levels of DOI at 1/2 the dosage of traditional systems without free silicone.


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