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Flexible Packaging

Packaging Coatings & Inks

BPA free resins

  • BPA Free
  • Solutions for food packaging
  • Same cost and performance as epoxies

Recent Nestle guidance note has led many companies to seek BPA free resins with similar cost and performance to epoxies. allnex has developed BPA free products that meet the requirements for most applications. Our recent EBECRYL® 876 can match epoxy performance in OPV's (Over Print Varnishes). Contact us to know more about our other BPA free resins.

Low migration resins for food packaging

  • Low odor, low extractable
  • No VOC
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Energy curing (UV/EB) technologies have already made significant inroads into non-food applications due to the numerous advantages (e.g. high gloss, excellent resistance properties, high printing speed, fast drying or cure times, no VOC and low system cost). The usual concerns to use UV inks in food packaging are odor and taste transfer, migration of existing resins and of photo-initiators as well as presence of chemicals of concern. To address above mentioned fears, allnex is offering low migration resins as well as EBECRYL® LEO resins.

Photo-initiator shortage? Test our solutions!

  • UV LED booster
  • easy to handle polymeric benzophenone
  • self-curing resins

Are you facing problems getting photo-initiators at a reasonable cost for industrial wood coatings and packaging coatings and inks applications? allnex has 3 ways it can help: EBECRYL® LEO Self-Curing Resins, EBECRYL LED 03 UV LED booster and polymeric photoinitiator EBECRYL P 39.

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Additives for your coating formulations

Technology Product Benefits
Flow & Leveling MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique polymeric hybrid acrylic-silicone leveling additive - achieving highest levels of DOI at 1/2 the dosage of traditional systems without free silicone.

allnex product highlights

Flexible Packaging

Substrate Technology Product Benefits
All Additives EBECRYL® 350 Increases slip, enhanced substrate wetting, low migration in coatings of OPV's.
All Aliphatic urethane acrylates EBECRYL® 8402 Low viscosity for UA, good adhesion, durable, used in inkjet inks.
All Aminoacrylates EBECRYL® 7110 Good reactivity. Low color. Good adhesion. Amine synergist used in flexo inks and OPV's.
All Photoinitiator EBECRYL® LED 03 Enhances surface cure so can run faster or use less PI. Low migration. For flexo, inkjet and OPV's.
All Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 820 Hexa Fn PEA with excellent reactivity and low migration in all flexo pigment colors.
All Polyester Acrylate EBECRYL® 876 BPA free, equal cost, reactivity, scratch, chemical and abrasion resistance to epoxy acrylates in OPV.
All Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 898 Provide matte effect with fast cure, low viscosity, toughness yet adhesion, reducing negative impact of trditional matting agents.
All Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 5848 Low cost way to reach bio content, improved flow / leveling / pigment wetting / flexibility / adhesion in OPV's, litho and flexo inks.
Plastic Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 436 Good plastic adhesion, fast cure, good litho behavior except for pigment wetting.
Paper / board Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® LEO 10801 Low odor, low extractables, good pigment wetting, lowviscosity, good litho behavior.


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