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3D Printing Materials

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Did you know allnex has a 3D printing laboratory?

  • UV oligomers expertise
  • 3D printing lab
  • Broad portfolio of UV oligomers

With the installation of a 3D printing laboratory in Belgium, allnex is committing its oligomer chemical expertise to the future of 3D printing materials. With our EBECRYL® UV oligomers portfolio and the possibility to test formulations in our lab, we invite formulators to partner with us, and together shape the future of product manufacturing.

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allnex product highlights

3D Printing Materials

Technology Product Benefits
Epoxy Acrylates EBECRYL® 3708 Very good flexibility
Reactive Diluent EBECRYL® 130 High Tg, ABS like properties
Reactive Diluent EBECRYL® 113 Good flexibility, low odor
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 285 PP like properties
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 4738 ABS like properties, excellent tensile strength
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 4859 Low viscosity, ABS like properties
Urethane Acrylates EBECRYL® 8811 Good flexibility and toughness