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Glass Coatings

Specialty Coatings

Is adhesion on glass still a challenge for you?

  • Solvent and Chlorine free
  • Adhesion-scratch resistance balance
  • Boiling water resistance

Are you looking for UV curable coating resins enabling adhesion on glass for different application such as cosmetic glass bottles, wine glass bottles or decorative glass? The allnex EBECRYL® 546 and our broad portfolio of acrylate resins and additives will help you fulfill the specific performance requirements of glass coatings.

UVEKOL® resins for glass lamination

  • Low Capital Investment
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast

The allnex UVEKOL® technology have given glassmakers, architects and designers unprecedented creative freedom to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients. UVEKOL® interlayers have been used for more than 25 years to create laminated glass providing superior safety, security, acoustical and design benefits. In addition, our UVEKOL® glass laminates are strong enough to consistently deliver the strength and durability needed to meet the world’s most stringent engineering standards.

Low emission stoving coatings

  • Hardness with flexibility
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Low VOC

Our solutions will offer you the outstanding appearance your customer is looking for. Our solutions add properties like hardness, flexibility and chemical resistance to your coating to keep the appearance at the highest level. This can be done at low VOC to comply with the most recent requirements.

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allnex product highlights

Glass Coatings

Layer Technology Product Benefits
Monocoat / Topcoat WB alkyds RESYDROL® AY 5557W/35WA Co-solvent free WB 1K stoving application with high hardness and good flexibility as well as high film hardness.
Clearcoat WB acrylics MACRYNAL® VSM 2521w/42WAB High quality WB 2K clearcoats with excellent chemical resistance.
Topcoat / Monocoat WB acrylics VIACRYL® SC 6827W/46WA Unique self crosslinking epoxy-modified acrylic emulsion for stoving applications. Good chemical resistance specifically against alkalines and detergents. Good adhesion and non-yellowing.
Topcoat / Monocoat Polyester acrylates EBECRYL® 546 Chlorine free UV/EB curable polyester resin diluted with TMPTA. Good adhesion and good hardness.
Glass Lamination Radiation curable resins UVEKOL® A One-component acrylic resin for the lamination of glass systems.The UVEKOL A interlayer produces glass laminates with excellent acoustic performance. It can be applied with nearly all kinds of glass: flat and slightly bent, tempered, coated, and other types.
Glass Lamination Radiation curable resins UVEKOL® S One-component acrylic resin for the lamination of glass systems. The UVEKOL S interlayer produces glass laminates with excellent impact resistance. It can be applied with nearly all kinds of glass: flat and bent, tempered, coated and other types of glass.


Crosslinkers for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits
Phenolics Water-based PHENODUR® VPW 1942/52WA Waterborne phenolic/epoxide for packaging and corrosion resistacne applications; contains practically no free phenol.
Phenolics Water-based PHENODUR® VPW 1946/46WA Waterborne phenolic/epoxide for corrosion resistant systems; lower cure temperature than PHENODUR® VPW 1942.


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XW 6580 A leveling and substrate wetting agent based on polyether modified siloxane for waterborne and solventborne paint systems giving strong surface tension reduction without foam stabilization or increasing slip. 
Radiation curable additives EBECRYL® 168 Methacrylated adhesion promoter.
Flow & Leveling MODAFLOW® AQ 3025 MODAFLOW® AQ-3025 provides outstanding surface appearance in waterborne paint systems.  FDA approved, this additive enables reduced levels of pigment dispersant. 
Foam control ADDITOL® XW 6569 High effectiveness silicone defoamer using less amount of silicone. No external emulsification allows better thickener response.
Foam control ADDITOL® VXW 6386 Special low particle size wax / mineral oil defoamer for better transparency.
Dispersing ADDITOL® VXW 6208 Best in class non ionic pigment dispersant for all pigment natures.
Rheology ADDITOL® VXW 6388 Special PUR thickener with excellent compatibility in transparent systems 
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