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Powder Coating Resins

Powder coating resins are a green and sustainable solution in the world of coating technologies.

No solvents are used with this coating technology, thus almost zero VOC is released. During powder coatings application over-spray can be re-used reducing waste to a minimum. Simple clean-up and maintenance are required with this coating solution.
Recent technological advancements, such as the ability to cure at lower temperatures, are now opening new opportunities to use powder coatings on heat-sensitive substrates, such as MDF, solid wood or special metal alloys.
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allnex powder resins technologies

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  • Polyesters
  • Additives
  • Unsaturated Polyesters
  • Isocyanate Hardeners
  • Polyanhydrides
  • Acrylics
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allnex powder resins innovation snapshot

allnex has been producing innovative products for many years. Our technical team is constantly working on new innovation projects to provide high performance and environmental friendly products.
Here are some examples of our latest innovations:
  • Sustainable polyester resins based on alternative raw materials
  • Low bake indoor polyester resins for MDF
  • Low bake indoor polyester resins for metal
  • Low bake outdoor polyester resins for metal
  • Polyester resins for outdoor with improved corrosion resistance
  • Architectural polyester resins for combination with hydroxylalkylamide with improved moisture resistance
  • One shot matte solutions
  • Tin free polyester resins
  • Polyester resins for metal packaging

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Discover our market pages

allnex powder coating resins

our brands

Brand Applications
CRYLCOAT® Polyester resins
MODAFLOW® Flow agents
SETAPOLL™ Polyester resins
SYNTHACRYL® Acrylic matting hardener
UVECOAT® Unsaturated polyesters and unsaturated acrylic urethane
ADDITOL® Additives and special products
BECKOPOX® Poly-anhydride hardener
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